Sutton Open Library is a new way to share books and make friends in the borough.

Our project will open up the data that lives in the library services database – making it available for re-use and (hopefully) the creation of lots of clever hacks, apps and widgets.

The really exciting part of our project is that you will be able to list your books on a website and lend them to other people. You can also browse what others are offering and if you see something you like – get in touch and ask to borrow it.

The potential for this is huge – a library made of all the books that people in Sutton have on their shelves and a great excuse to meet new people, share books and talk about the things that interest them.

We are in the design stages at the moment and if you have any thoughts about our project, please come over to our blog and tell us what you think

(Answer: Between the covers!)